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Wakey Wakey Grime and Shine

After completing an MA in Authorial Illustration at the University of Falmouth, Seanna returned home and began working on an exhibition of work centred on her own city of Wakefield. Through photos, life and memory, Seanna began to illustrate parts of the city that no longer existed such as pubs, cinemas and markets. The exhibition brought out many emotions in local people, helping them to reconnect with their youth and evoke a huge sense of nostalgia. Seanna believes that due to the rapid rate at which the world is changing, people are pining more for the past. Illustrating the past and present allows Seanna to form more of a connection to it helping her to understand it more fully.

After The Coal Dust

In this second exhibition of work, Seanna continued with her MA project illustrating mining communities of the North, exploring themes such as friendship, unity and loss. Coming from a family of folk musicians, Seanna grew up listening to and singing songs about mining, the miner’s strike and other historical and social struggles. From an early age, these folk songs painted a vivid picture of working-class issues throughout history, whilst reflecting the highlights and hardships of everyday life. Seanna created much of this body of work through listening to the stories of people from within her own community and other places in the north and hopes to continue this theme throughout future projects.

Covid Wakefield

Seanna created a series of illustrations on Covid 19, showing specifically how Wakefield had handled the experience. Seanna recorded how life in the streets of Wakefield looked throughout the pandemic. It is through comforting, everyday scenes that Seanna addresses other, more serious issues and creates an honest account of life for the people of Wakefield during lockdown. Familiar streets, landmarks and buildings of the city create much of the backdrop for this series of work.

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